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The Final Chapter of Wolf Wind

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A Word From Our Founder

I'm Michael White, the founder and creative force behind Wolf Wind. Over the past decade, it has been my privilege to design high-end jackets that have adorned people from Hollywood to your very streets, even becoming a favorite among celebrities. The road we've traversed together has been nothing short of magical, driven by our mutual love for timeless style and unmatched quality.

Regrettably, every story has its final chapter. Today, I must share the heartbreaking news that due to unforeseen economic challenges, we're drawing the curtains on Wolf Wind's incredible journey. Though this is a hard farewell, it also presents an exclusive opportunity for our devoted patrons to obtain a piece of our legacy at a special rate as we clear our inventory.

I want to assure you from the bottom of my heart that this farewell is genuine, and not a marketing gimmick. Our promise of providing top-tier, luxurious jackets remains steadfast even as we bid adieu. These are the same designs that won over Hollywood's finest and our loyal customers around the globe.

In the spirit of trust and transparency that we've maintained over the years, we invite you to be a part of our final journey. You're not just buying jackets; you're becoming part of a story, carrying forward a legacy of style and quality. As Michael White, I look forward to personally guiding you through this transition.

Remember, our designs are exclusive, and they won't be around forever. So, take this chance to own a piece of Wolf Wind's history. As we embark on this bittersweet journey together, thank you for being part of our story, and for allowing us to be a part of yours. I can't wait to see you on the other side, wearing your very own piece of Wolf Wind's history.

Customer support will be available for 6 months after closing to ensure 100% satisfaction with your order.

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